Eric Zohar Founder, President ISS Associates, Inc. Architect, Chief Instructor Zohar Tactical Training Division. Licensed NYS Private Investigator, Security Consultant, NRA Firearms Instructor, Firefighter Ex Captain Somers Fire Department.

Veteran of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Mr. Zohar has enjoyed a memorable and renowned career. He has over 20 years experience in advanced security and tactical Anti-Terror training. From 1990 to 1994, Eric served on the West Bank and Gaza as Israel was facing the first Intifada and Operation Desert Storm. Eric served within the 35 Brigade of the Israeli Airborne and Special Forces Division of the IDF. His duties in this extremely hostile environment included special counter-terror operations securing the borders of the state of Israel. He also trained Special Forces soldiers in hand-to-hand combat and tactical operations. Mr. Zohar has been featured on ABC News, Good Morning America, Eye-Witness News, World News Now, and Spotlight Magazine.

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In Recent Years Mr. Zohar Formed the advanced training Division For Law Enforcement, Military and Civilians Focusing on Defensive Tactics, personal protection and survival Training.

Zohar Tactical a Division of ISS Associates, Inc., specializes in Custom Made Solutions in the Field of Home land Security. provides standardized and customized expert training to Law Enforcement, Security Personnel, and Open Class formats, dynamic solutions adaptable to the ever changing reality world wide.

Training ranges from classroom to tactical environments, static to dynamic techniques, and emphasizes both physical fitness/readiness and an understanding of the explosive and forceful philosophies of the Zohar Tactical CQC and Krav Maga curriculum. Zohar Tactical uniquely blends a “safety first” methodology of instruction while remaining effective and relevant to the subject matter.

The instructors have been hand-selected By Founder Chief Instructor Mr. Eric Zohar by virtue of their integrity, and their professional and diverse backgrounds, and have been groomed in the custom Zohar Tactical CQC, Krav Maga curriculum and philosophies of Hostile Environment and street survival.