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Law Enforcement

Zohar Tactical Team provides custom advanced training to Law Enforcement, Military to enhance their tactical abilities and skills. Defensive Tactics, CQC, Survival training and much more...

Firearms Training

  • NRA Classes
  • Home Defense
  • CCW Classes
  • Tactical Firearms

Civilian Training

We offer a variety of services, courses and seminars to civilians which include Defensive Tactics, Advanced Security, Krav Maga, Concealed Carry Classes, NRA Classes and much more..

Become An Instructor

  • Zohar Tactical Krav Maga Instructor
  • LE / Military Instructor
  • Advanced Instructor
  • Master Instructor

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Miguel Rivera

NYPD Detective (Ret), former member of Hostage Negotiation Team. Held assignments in the Special Victims Division, Hate Crimes Task Force, & Narcotics Division

Training with Eric Zohar has provided me with invaluable skills. Though retired from law enforcement, techniques taught by Mr. Zohar have universal applications. I can protect myself, my home, family, and innocents on the street with simple, effective, and precise tactics. I recommend Zohar Tactical Training to members of law enforcement and civilians that wish to maintain a higher level of readiness on the field and private lives.

Oscar Rebollo

Correction Officer Westchester County Corrections

I have trained under Eric's tutelage and have learned so much not only for my line of work as a Correction Officer in Westchester County but in my personal life. The training is tough but entertaining and a great workout. Eric and his staff are very patient and knowledgeable and are always looking to challenge their students. Every time I leave a class I feel that much more prepared to protect myself and my family. Eric doesn't only train our body but also our minds. I would recommend anyone interested in a great workout and a way to build not only your body and mind but to feel like your better prepared today then yesterday and tomorrow better then today. Eric Zohar is the one that will get you there!

Chrissy Murphy

RN Flight Nurse

Master Zohar is a professional and charismatic instructor. His experience and positive energy fills the room when he teaches engaging all! Master Zohar's life experience is what sets him apart from most. He has trained and worked in environments most of us cannot comprehend. It is that life experience brought into the classroom that is invaluable to his students and something you will not find elsewhere. As a woman, a flight nurse and a parent I would highly recommend Zohar Tactical for anyone looking to become stronger, smarter and more aware.

PFC Taylor Abbott


I began training with Master Zohar and his assistant trainers in the summer of 2013. I left for Marine Corps boot camp November 4th, because of how well he trained me, both physically and mentally, I graduated at the top of my class with a meritorious promotion. Although the training was stressful at times, it has helped me dramatically and has proven to be highly effective. Master Zohar is an excellent trainer wether you're in the Military or Law Enforcement or a Civilian Master Zohar is the one you want to train with.

PFC Ben Murphy


I am currently attending infantry training for the Marine Corps but before even leaving for boot camp I trained with Master Zohar and his team. I needed to challenge myself as much as possible before boot camp both physically and mentally and Master Zohar delivered. Not only did he push me to me limits and then some, he became a teacher and mentor to make sure I was in the right state of mind before taking on the biggest challenge of my life. Thanks to him and the instructors at Zohar Tactical, boot camp was much easier than I could have ever hoped. If anyone else is seeking a challenge and wants to be able to defend themselves at all times in any situation, then Zohar Tactical is where you need to be!!!!!!

Josh F. MD

I have trained with Master Zohar for numerous years, and I was fortunate enough to be one of the few students to be honored with a Black Belt under his system. The techniques taught by Master Zohar are all relevant, practical and different from most other schools. He doesn't waste time on techniques that are good only for "dojo land" and instead focuses on techniques that can be perfected at almost any level of fitness and flexibility. Having also studied other martial arts for years, the Krav Maga system with Master Zohar is easily incorporated into other styles and systems. His classes are focused and to the point. He is wonderful instructor and unlike most I have ever trained with in the past.